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"Insel der Sinne" Beauty Center

Useful information

Spa and Wellness - Information & Timetables.

SPA Timetables.
Beauty Centre "Insel der Sinne" is open from 09.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 19.00.
"Insel der Sinne Saunarium" from 15.00 to 19.00. 

Galateo SPA.

• The SPA is an area of peace and relaxation, therefore please be discrete when using mobile phones and electronic equipment, using silent ringtones and speaking quietly.

• So that we can guarantee an excellent service every day, please book in advance.

• We kindly ask that you cancel any treatment bookings at least 12 hours in advance.
Any bookings not cancelled in time will be charged for in full.

• It is recommended that you arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you can unwind in the right area and go in for your treatments in a relaxed frame of mind.

• If you arrive late the full duration of the treatment cannot be guaranteed.

• In case of pregnancy or various diseases, please inform us when booking.
Our team of experts will be able to give you the best advice on using the SPA.

• Children under 15 cannot enter the SPA, relaxation area and saunarium.

Choose the category
Aesthetic body and face massage
 Active full body massage50 minutes
56.00 €
 Active partial massage 25 minutes
40.00 €
 Antistress massage50 minutes
56.00 €
 Ayurvedic - Pindasveda massage80 minutes
90.00 €
 Ayurvedic - Shirodara massage80 minutes
90.00 €
 Ayurvedic massage 55 minutes
70.00 €
 Face lymph drainage 25 minutes
40.00 €
 Face relaxing massage 25 minutes
40.00 €
 Foot massage25 minutes
40.00 €
 Hot Stone massage80 minutes
90.00 €
 Lymph drainage 55 minutes
70.00 €
 Lymph drainage legs 25 minutes
40.00 €
 Massage with "aloe vera oil" and mint 50 minutes
56.00 €
 Relaxing full body massage50 minutes
56.00 €
 Relaxing partial massage25 minutes
40.00 €
Aromatic hydro-baths
 Cleopatra´s bad20 minutes
35.00 €
 Marine energy bath20 minutes
35.00 €
 Orange flower bath20 minutes
35.00 €
 Oriental essences bath20 minutes
35.00 €
Soft-Pack treatments
 Cleopatra´s wrap20 minutes
40.00 €
 Detox wrap20 minutes
40.00 €
 Marine energie wrap 20 minutes
40.00 €
 Tonic wrap20 minutes
40.00 €
 Wrap with hay flowers20 minutes
40.00 €
Aesthetic face beauty treatments
 "After sun" face with "aloe vera"30 minutes
45.00 €
 Classic face cleaning55 minutes
55.00 €
 Hydra peeling50 minutes
50.00 €
 Hydradermie Double Ionisation55 minutes
70.00 €
 Hydradermie Lift Visage55 minutes
85.00 €
 Hydradermie Lift Yeux30 minutes
40.00 €
 Lift Summum50 minutes
65.00 €
 Viso Express (detersion, exfoliant scrub and mask)30 minutes
40.00 €
Aesthetic body beauty treatments
 "Aloe vera" body treatment30 minutes
40.00 €
 Essentiel Relax Corp60 minutes
70.00 €
 Full body peeling Thalasso30 minutes
35.00 €
 Hamam peeling with olive oil soap30 minutes
35.00 €
 Peeling Sucre Kiwi30 minutes
35.00 €
 Peeling Sucre Kiwi with massage 75 minutes
85.00 €
 Slim Logic60 minutes
60.00 €
 Thalasso body60 minutes
70.00 €
Beauty services
 Aesthetic pedicure
40.00 €
 Armpits and bikini line depilation
20.00 €
 Armpits depilation
10.00 €
 Arms depilation
20.00 €
 Bikini line depilation
15.00 €
 Dyeing and eyebrow shaping
20.00 €
 Dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows
22.00 €
 Dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows
16.00 €
 Eyebrow shaping
13.00 €
 French manicure
32.00 €
 French pedicure
47.00 €
 Full bikini line depilation
20.00 €
 Full leg depilation
30.00 €
 Full leg, bikini line and armpits depilation
46.00 €
25.00 €
 Partial leg depilation
20.00 €
 Partial leg, bikini line and armpits depilation
38.00 €
 Upper lip depilation
10.00 €
 Wellness pedicure
50.00 €
Beauty programs
"Mediterranee"150 minutes
108.00 €
An exclusive proposal to welcome you !
1 Classic face cleaning
1 Manicure
1 Pedicure
Essence of the sea2 hours
118.00 €
Through the smells of the sea you´ll find the energy of a regenerated body.
1 Thalasso-bodypeeling
1 Thalasso wrap
1 Relaxing full Body massage
Light legs3 days
226.00 €
Menthol and arnica give an immediate sensation of freshness and relief to the legs, improving blood and lymphatic circulation.
3 Cold legs bandages
3 Lymph drainage legs massages
Marine energy2 days
180.00 €
The energy of the sea with ist precious trace elements revitalizes and stimulates the entire body giving a deep sense of weelbeing.
1 Thalasso body Peeling
1 Marine energy bath
1 Thalasso face
1 Full body massage
Oriental pearls2 days
225.00 €
A wellness ritual to fully relax, re-balancing the energies of the body.
1 Hamam Peeling
1 Hydro-bath with oriental essences
1 Ayurvedic massage Pindasveda
1 Ayurvedic massage Shirodara
Oriental time2 hours
126.00 €
A sensory journey through the pleasures and flavors of distant lands.
1 Hamam Peeling with olive oil Soap
1 Hydro-bath with oriental essences
1 Ayurvedic massage
Special man90 minutes
108.00 €
Dedicated to the man that has the opportunity to think about himself.
1 Hay wrap
1 Back massage Pindasveda
1 Feet massage
Special moments for two90 minutes
104.00 €
Little moments to share together.  
1 Aromatic hydro-bath with orange flowers
2 Well-being partial massages (one for her and one for him)
Wellness moments1 hour
from 65.00 €
Short combinations to not give up the pleasures of well-being and relax.
A) Cleopatra´s bath and wellbeing partial massage: Euro 65,00
B) Full body peeling and wellbeing partial massage: Euro 65,00
C) Oriental essences bath and back massage Pindasveda: Euro 70,00
D) Cold bandage legs and lymph drainage legs: Euro 75,00
Trilogie Oriental3 hours
239.00 €
Inebriating aromas that inspire peace.
Rhythms of massages and treatments that alternate moments of extreme peace and renovated serenity.
2 Hamam Peeling
2 Oriental essences pack in rasul
1 Oriental essences hydro-bath 
2 Back massages Pindasveda
Trilogie Thalasso3 hours
239.00 €
(For the pair).
The element of water, enriched by precious essences, purifies body and mind from tensions and stress.
A refined and magical wellness moment to share !
2 Thalasso Peeling
2 Marine energy pack in rasul
1 Aromatic hydro-bath marine energy
2 Massages with cream silky seaweed