The lighthouse

That has lighted the way for sailors for a century.

Where the Tagliamento River meets the Adriatic Sea in a mingling of fresh and salt water.

The mouth of the Tagliamento River is, without a doubt, the most significant natural environment in East Venice, because where the river water spills into the Adriatic a natural area of unforeseen, unforeseeable beauty has survived.
This unique mosaic consists of a variety of environments (the beach, the dunes, the wetlands, the woods, the cane thicket) each of which is itself unique and valuable.
In Lido dei Pini, where the beach, framed by dunes, fossils and pines, is still uncontaminated and wild and can be reached only by feet, bicycle or on a horse.
You can get to this corner of paradise on a new bike path that runs along the beach or by crossing the natural wooded area inland.