The lagoon

Bibione never ceases to amaze !!!

In Bibione in the summer time spends with another dimension, in addition to that of the colored and sparkling beach.
It is enough to let yourself go and enter the wildest paths in the green to discover a new world, a natural environment in perfect health.
The beautiful routes are many: one not to be missed is located within the Bibione Pineda lagoon.
This excursion can be done with expert guides who are knowledgeable about the area, from May to September, and it is nice to come back several times during the year because the colors and the scents change following the progress of the seasons.
The fauna and flora leave enchanted and this is how even in August, when a tourist thinks he finds only beach, sun, fun, colors and intense fragrances in Bibione, Bibione is once again surprising.
With the scorching heat and the clear sky of any summer morning, just a few kilometers from the swarming beach, you are faced with an unexpected spectacle, a corner of paradise, where it is easy to spot small wild ducks, with brown body marked by iridescent streaks, larger native ducks with white body and brown streak on the wing, egrets, gray herons ... you just have to be surprised !!!