Bibione is home to Italy’s first smoke-free beach.

Breathe the sea air

Bibione is home to Italy’s first smoke-free beach.
Important information for visitors.

Dear Sirs, 
Bibione is making the health and well-being of its guests more and more of a priority.
Therefore, we are delighted to inform you that from the 2019 season, smoking will only be permitted in special “designated areas” of the beach.
It is all part of a very important initiative that is backed by the World Health Organization.
The goal is to protect the health of the people on the sand and the natural environment surrounding the spellbinding seaside resort.
After a few years of trials, during which cigarettes were only banned on the shoreline, from summer 2019 the whole of Bibione beach (including under the umbrellas) will be smoke-free.
Consequently, everyone will benefit more from the healthy sea air.
In addition, the scheme will put a stop to the substantial land and sea pollution caused by cigarette butts, which can take decades to decompose.
All around the beach there will be signs asking visitors to follow the rules.
Anyone who wants to smoke will be free to do so not only in the beach kiosks, bars and restaurants, but also in the zones behind the umbrellas, where designated
smoking areas will be provided.
Please find attached a map showing the smoking areas, which will be furnished with care and have plenty of shade.
We are confident that we can count on the cooperation of our guests, thus enabling us to ensure that holidays in Bibione do even more to promote people’s health and protect the resort’s natural heritage. 
We look forward to welcoming you to Bibione to “breathe the sea air” !